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My teaching qualification

The number of teaching staff in further education who had a PGCE in 2005

Some education statistics from 2005

My qualifications

The biggest problem I have faced in this life is the cost of housing compared with how much you earn

I was post graduate in 2001 with a post graduate diploma in business administration and 2003 with a PGCE. I think I was educationally statistically significant all the way to 2008 and beyond.


Mark Benniman 2018

A photo of me from 1995 when I was studying a science degree with what I see as the contradictions in the UK also to say I probably deserved to do quite well being a BSc PGCE but I never made any money at all and found it increasingly difficult to get any job what so ever. I made the image in 2012.

The image of the flat is in the same area and looks very much like the studio flat I lived in as a teacher from 2003 to 2005 I was 35 to 37 years old at the time and it cost me 800 GBP per month from a take home salary of 1,200 GBP per month but was probably the best job I ever had. After my three years of teaching in London I left with nothing and I was quite exhausted . I then lived in France for two years and Thailand for nearly a year then I would have eagerly found a new job but try as I did no one employed me and I was forced to take unemploment benefit quite simply because I didn't have a choice. I have more than 800 emails in my applications folder almsot no replies in ten years believe it or not. It seems to be a type of cultural punishment. BSc PGCE


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